Thursday, October 24, 2013

Acting Like Super Mom

I want this blog to be totally honest. That is something I am dedicated to. I want you to hear my awesome proud mama moments, and my not so proud "how long until his bedtime?" moments. I want you all to know my strengths and weaknesses, because I think when we reveal both is when we can all fully be honest with each other.

I think people, but almost especially mommies, get this idea that they have to always be strong and never show a sign of disappointment, weakness or doubt. Well I'm here to say, I have bad days. I have days where I put Seth down for a nap and go in my room in cry. I have days where I want to tell the world about something new my kid did because I am one proud mama and I think he is a cool little dude. And sometimes, both those things happen in the same day.

I think there is such a stigma that we have to be super mom that we are scared to let any other mom see us struggling or less than what we think super mom should look like. We get into these huge mommy arguments because we desperately need to feel like we are doing something right. If you were to look past all the arguments I would guess you would see a bunch of women scared because they don't want other moms to judge them. We portray ourselves as the perfect mom because we look around at other moms that seem to have it all figured out and have it all together and it makes us feel, well we are messed up. Want to know a secret, they are putting on being a perfect mom just like you are.

So right now, for the record, I am stating that I am not a perfect mom. I don't have it all together. I have a lot of mommy guilt. I know that I don't do things perfectly.I don't feed my child a fruit or vegetable at every meal. When he was teething he had a couple days where he ate graham crackers and cheerios. I don't have  schedule (that was a serious guilt thing for me, I total felt like a failure for that one). I don't read to my son every day. My son watches tv; he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My son has eaten McDonalds (I cried that night) I am a terrible housekeeper!

But its ok, or so I try to tell myself. I am a good mom. Seth knows he is loved. He gets told about Jesus every day. He sees mommy and daddy in church several times a week. He has a favorite book that gets ready over and over (and over and over and over and over). He is very social. He is a happy little boy. And honestly, he has no idea that mommy doesn't do all those things.

So there is my honesty. I do things wrong. I have guilt. But I am being honest. I am no super mom. I hope that this honesty allows another mom to realize that its ok to struggle. Its ok to count down the minutes until bed time. Its ok if your kid eats McDonalds. Its ok if you have to take a few minutes to breath, and maybe cry. Its ok mama! What matters is that your child knows they are loved. It matters that they know they are important. I think that it even matters that your child knows you are human. They will be human. They will make mistakes. They need to know that its ok.

So mama, cut yourself some slack. Be honest with other moms. Hug a mom that is having a rough day. And give your child a hug. And stop acting like super mom.

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