Monday, October 28, 2013

Life is Beautiful

Last night I went to my first ever concert. I got to see Building 429, The Afters, Finding Favour and Hawk Nelson. There was several songs that really touched me, but one that I want to post about is Life is Beautiful by The Afters. Isaiah and I listened to it and stood there listening and hugging. It was a beautiful moment. it has me thinking about all the beautiful moments that I wish I could just bottle up and open when I wanted to relive them. Some of them are the big ones like we think about, wedding, son being born etc. But so many are every day moments that are just sweet and special.

Some of them are: 
  • walking in the church on our wedding day and seeing Isaiah see me in my wedding dress for the first time
  • holding my son for the first time
  • watching the hubster play with my little guy
  • eating take out and playing video games with my husband on Friday nights
  • watching my little boy look at the lights on the Christmas tree for the first time
  • being upset and my husband holding me
  • my husband asking me to marry him
  • my son digging into his first birthday cake that I worked hard to make him
  • teaching AWANA and getting to know the kids in my class
  • hearing a lady say that the Premier party is the first time she has had a break and its been refreshing
  • my son kissing my cheeks
There are so many, and I can't wait to see what other moments we have.

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