Friday, November 8, 2013

Learning from my Son

Welcome to the weekend. Well, almost. Today I was supposed to find a devotion for a Facebook page I admin and I found this one. Childlike But Not Childish by Parenting by Design. It spoke to me because right now Seth is in a phase where he is discovering his independance and pushing his boundaries. Its wearing. I just want him to understand that when I say no its not to hurt his feelings or ruin his fun, its to protect him. Its because I know more than he does and can see a bigger picture. But he has no idea.

I do that with God. I feel that I know what is best, and yet I don't. I question God so much because I see what I see. I wish I could say that I have it all down pat. I want to say that I always totally trust God's plan and have this awesome strong faith. But guess what, I don't!!!

I don't have strong faith, but I do have a God that knows so much better than I do. And I do have an example in trusting in God in how my son trust me. When I give him to someone to hold he trusts that the person mommy gives him to will love him. He trust that the food I give him is ok. In fact, he has no idea that something he eats could be dangerous (a fact he likes to prove over and over). Can I trust my Heavenly Father that much? Can I trust that everything He gives me or doesn't give me is what is right for me? Can I fully trust Him?

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